Estimados Clientes: Debido a la difícil situación que tenemos (COVID-19), estamos recibiendo órdenes por teléfono y realizando delivery si lo necesita. Gracias y cuídense mucho.

Dear Customers: Given the current circumstances, we are currently receiving orders by phone and doing deliveries as well. Thank you and take care.

Work Schedule:

You can buy in our online store 24/7. But it is ideal to know our schedules, to better plan the estimated time and day of delivery

Monday – Friday: 9 am. – 7 pm.
Saturday: 9 am. – 6 pm.
Sunday: 9 am. – 3 pm.

The delivery is made the same day of the purchase, and the delivery time may vary depending on the distance (Estimated time: from 2 to 4 hours).

Note: The customer is encouraged to call by phone to request more information about the delivery time of their order.

Until what time can I order my purchase to be able to receive it the same day?

So that your delivery is the same day the orders have to be ordered until:
Monday-Friday, until 4 pm.
Saturdays, until 3 pm.
Sunday, until 11 am.